THE WOMEN – LA Times Review

October 4, 2008

Check out the LA Times review of THE WOMEN!,0,4500305.story


‘An American Carol’ opens this Friday!

September 30, 2008

And I am in it!!

At least I hope I’m still in it.  Ha!

Watch for me when General Patton (Kelsey Grammar) takes documentarian Michael Malone (Kevin Farley) into American History Past. (hmm…redundant?)

I’m leading a student protest at Columbia University in 1940.

It was a hoot shooting on the steps of Royce Hall at my alma mater, UCLA!

And I hope there are many more David Zucker films in my future.


Til more news arrives…

THE WOMEN opens this Saturday! The 27th! At 8pm!!

September 26, 2008

And we’re SOLD OUT!

(We do have one more preview this evening, too.)

I’ve been advised that you can arrive at the theatre early, and get on the waiting list.  (You know how it is in LA…sometimes there are a couple people who are not going to show up for this reason or that.)

If you don’t want to drive to the theatre, you can also go to the website, and try calling or emailing the theatre to see about getting on the waitlist.  This, of course, is only relevant on any nights when we’re sold out.

Remember – our house is only 42 seats!!


Go to:

for schedule, tickets, and other relevant information.

Can’t wait to see you THERE!!!

News Updates: March 2005 – June 2008

September 1, 2008

June 2008

Recorded a narration job for Emerald Oil, an environmentally friendly oil recycling company.

The day before our one-year anniversary, Adam and I actually put together our wedding albums and watched our wedding video!!!

Signed with ACME Models for print representation.

Signed with VOX, Inc. for voice over representation.

Recorded the star role in the new animated series Chipkali World. I play Sonny – an impish, mischievous, naughty, 9-year-old boy!

Attended another amazing seminar with Darrell Calkins in San Francisco.

May 2008

Auditioned at three theatre companies & (happily) landed at Circus Theatricals!

Cast in Circus Theatricals’ summer production of THE WOMEN by Clare Booth Luce.

Participated in a reading of a new screenplay by Michael Urban (“Saved” Director/Screenwriter)

Not job related but….I saw The Police in concert at the Hollywood Bowl!!!!! OMG…What a thrilling night!!!

April 2008

Performed in my Upright Citizens Brigade Level 201 graduation show.

Signed for theatrical representation with Orion Barnes at Rogers Orion Talent Agency.

I shot my role in David Zucker’s (Airplane, Naked Gun, Scary Movie) latest comedy, AN AMERICAN CAROL, starring Kelsey Grammar!! I play a 1940 Columbia University student war protester, so I got to shout a lot. (Casting director, Beverly Holloway, wrote, “ Although I didn’t meet you in person, I did see your audition several times which was great, and a “hire her” from David speaks volumes! I will be happy to keep your info on file for future projects.”)

I shot the lead role in an indie short film, DREAM DATE, (directed by Sundance Filmmaker, Rene Alberta) in New York.

I recorded the lead role of “Sonya Blade” in a MORTAL KOMBAT/DC videogame (Midway), and the new lead character “Liadrin” for the WORLD OF WARCRAFT videogame. (Blizzard)

And, of course, I still have a supporting role in the indie feature film EVERYTHING’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT, starring Neve Campbell & Tom Everett Scott, which will be shooting in NYC this spring/summer. My hubby & his NY producing partner are still seeking that $1 million, so if ya know anyone

That’s all for now, folks

December 2007

Some really cool news: I recorded the first five episodes of a new animated webseries. I voice the star character (plus a couple others)! We’ll record 5 more episodes in January, and the series will premiere in early 2008. More details to come, as I’m not allowed to say anything more about it!

A NYC filmmaker friend of mine called the other day to talk to me about her next project. She’s an award-winning filmmaker who’s now had two films at Sundance. Not a bad track record.

She asked me: “What’s 2008 gonna be for you Dana? Where’s your head at?” And my answer to her was swift & clear: “After spending the last few years building my voice over career (& happily so), 2008 is about getting back on stage, and back in front of and behind the camera.” She was happy to hear that. She’s asked me to be in her next project to shoot in NYC sometime in the next few months. Hey! Maybe it’ll be perfectly timed with Everything Is Going to Be Alright! Two movies in NYC this year! And who knows? Maybe more.

November 2007

The WGA writers are on strike. Shows are shutting down left and right. And in the midst of all this, I’m still in an immense struggle to be back here in Los Angeles again. I’m yearning for the person I am when I’m in Europe. Yearning to get back sooner than later. Hmmm. Is Adam sure he doesn’t want to go live in the French countryside or in the hills of Umbria? We can do our work from there, can’t we?

It’s been a strange, surreal, & challenging Fall for me, and from what I gather, for lots of other folks as well. So, I guess I don’t have to feel so alone in this…whatever it is!

Admittedly, I haven’t really gotten out to do the hard-core picketing. (Does honking whenever I drive by striking writers count for anything?!) I attended 3 rally’s this month: at Universal, FOX, & the walk down Hollywood Blvd. I know this is serious stuff, but I have to say, it’s been really exciting being out there with everybody. Meeting people. Seeing all those faces from the small screen. I just wish MORE of the big screen peeps would get their arses out there!

Other highlights this month: I started class at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Lotso’ fun! And just what the doctor ordered.

Adam and I also finally went to William-Sonoma to use all our wedding gift certificates. Can you say ALL-CLAD?!?!?! I’m a little frightened tho’ because now that I’ve got the all-clad slow cooker, I seem to be cooking a lot. This is highly unusual for me. And I don’t think I’m ready to be that domesticated yet!!!

October 2007

After my program in Florence , I arrived in Toulouse , France , and met up with my sister Jennifer before our Retreat to the Source with Darrell Calkins.

Before the Retreat, we spent the night with our Mom’s old pen pal, Michele, and her husband, Christian. Michele & Mom started writing to one another when they were 14 years old! It was the 1 st time I met her, and Jennifer’s 2 nd time.

The Retreat was intense & amazing. And it was extremely hard to come back to the U.S.

As I was doing my best to get back into the swing of things in America (while doing all I could to hold onto what I’d learned & gained in Italy & France), my friend Josie asked me to be her writing partner on a feature film. So, I said yes, and we got to work. And then…(see November 2007)

September 2007

I was fairly preoccupied this month with preparations for my trip to France & Italy. Still, I managed to get a few things done — like the recording session for my animation & gaming demos with Susan Palyo at VoiceTrax West!!! It was a 4 hour doozey of a session! Thirty-seven different characters! My game demo is done, & the animation cut is almost there. Agent Lynda (McCarrell) at DHA needs time to make those edits to bring it down from 3 minutes to 1 1/2! So, I’ll have to be patient awhile longer.

The first table read for EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT took place this month, too! Adam’s a producer on it. And my buddy Tasha Oldham is the DGA-award winning & Emmy-nominated director. I helped to cast the LA actors in parts that will ultimately be played by Tom Everett Scott, Aasif Mandvi, & Alan Ruck (among others); cast member Monique Curnen (The Dark Knight) was present for the reading. And Tasha was thrilled to hear this wonderful film read aloud for the first time!

I’m still having a blast with my UDK internship — helping run Producers Sessions for Nip/Tuck & Eli Stone.

Adam and I went to see Avenue Q for his birthday. OMG – I can’t get those two songs out of my head: “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “It Sucks to Be Me”. Classics! And get a load of that on-stage puppet sex!

Finalmente! On September 24th, I began my 2-week intensive Italian course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy. It was a brilliant as well as challenging experience. Italian class 6 hours a day, and more Italian over dinner with Giancarlo & Roberta del Lungo, my wonderful host family. I also got to see my friend Isella in Bologna, I visited Siena for the first time, and I made new friends from all over the world!

August 2007

This month I got my new headshots with the fabulous Dana Patrick. I also started my internship at Ulrich Dawson Kritzer Casting. It is a blast and a real eye opener working in that busy office. I’m lovin’ it! (tho’ I’m not ready to become a casting director at this juncture!)

July 2007

Well, it’s been another long absence since I did my last news update. I had a perfectly good excuse though…

I was preparing for my June wedding! So, now that I’m officially a “Mrs.” I have a little more time to catch up on things – professional, personal & otherwise.

Let’s see, where did I leave off? Hmmm…October 2006. So what happened between November 2006 & July 2007 you ask?

Here’s a list!

  • Took Ginny McSwain’s fantastic animation workshop for 6 weeks!
  • Assisted the two producers on the “Abolish the N” event at the Laugh Factory. And then Adam and I finally had a real vacation together in Hawaii!
  • I was cast as both Teri & Kim Bauer in the animated webseries, 24 Day Zero (and yes, that’s Kiefer Sutherland playing Jack Bauer!) Check out episode 5 at:
  • Adam and I got married in Malibu on June 9 th, and then spent 7 days on the Mayan Riviera. Bliss!
  • I recorded two TV/radio spots for Sprint Nextel. And, finally (hoorah!), my animation demo is underway with the fabulous Susan Palyo! It will be done just in time for me to go to Italy for my language immersion program in September! Rock on!

October 2006
Where in the world have I been, you ask?? (I’ve been trying to figure that one out myself!)

Well, for starters, I was in the South of France at the end of April for a wonderfully mind-blowing retreat. I tossed a stick & breathed a lot. You kinda had to be there for me to share much else beyond that.

When I got back from France, I finally started something I’ve been yearning to do for a very long time — studying Italian!!! Parlo Italiano molto bene!

Now then (“allora” in italiano)…

I’ve been doing lots of voice-over commercials & narration these past several months. Too many to mention really. I’ll touch on a few of the highlights.

One might begin to think I was becoming the ”voice of eHarmony”! In April, I narrated the Tour for a new section on their website called eHarmony Marriage. Check it out, y’all! And then in August I recorded a few radio spots to promote their eHarmonyFree Communication Weekend. What’s next?

In May, I did my first video game — World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions. I played two fabulous chicks named Jane Wayne & Trixie Riff.

In June, something funny happened. OK. Maybe not funny. How about….fanstastic? Totally unexpected? Life-changing? Have you guessed yet? Oh alright….Adam and I got ENGAGED!!! (“Finally!” they all exclaimed.)

At the beginning of September I got a new voice over agent at Daniel Hoff. Lynda McCarrell (formerly of The Tisherman Agency) took over the voice-over department. She is one rockin’ lady, and I’m totally thrilled to be working with her!

And finally…Joyce Castellanos, with the help of Gene Cordes & Chuck Duran, produced my Promo Demo!!! I cannot wait to break down the door (of the promo world, that is). Joyce is The Queen!

So, take a listen to that new track. And while you’re at it, you may also listen to my recently updated commercial demo (Thanks to Nancy Wolfson & Rick Santizo!).

That’s all for now. I PROMISE to share news on a more regular basis again. I dunno where the time went!!

Abbraccio Grande a tutti! A presto! Arrivederci!

November 2005
The biggest news this month: I have a new theatrical agent! I’ll be working with Gar Lester at Jack Lippman Agency (aka JLA). Now…gotta get me some new “money shots” with Jeff Lorch. Another highlight of this month was when I met James Mangold & Joaquin Phoenix at the WALK THE LINE screening at the Academy! Other than that, I’ve been seeing lots and lots of films…due to the fact that I am on the SAG Nominating Committee. But where, o’ where are my screeners?????

October 2005
Hmmm…a pretty mellow month for me, though there were quite a few industry events to enjoy — Sue Wong’s fashion show (my first!) during L.A.’s Fashion Week, a Fashion Week party at Frederic Fekkai, and a benefit for Prostate Cancer at the Armani store in Beverly Hills. Oh, and let’s not forget the shin-dig yours truly threw at the beginning of the month. Also, I finally got my butt into Joyce Castellanos’ promo class. It was a blast

June 2005
Dana booked another commercial at the beginning of the month for La Salle Bank. It will air in Chicago & Detroit later this summer. She also completed narration for MONTY, by children’s book author, Vinnie Tortorich. MONTY is an inspirational story about the connection between a girl and her horse and the friendship that led to a miracle. And finally, Dana had another incredible weekend working with Darrell Calkins in his L.A. seminar, which focused on “Getting Your Ass Over the Bar”.

May 2005
This month, Dana was invited to join PROJECT 601, an exciting new professional collective of actors and directors, in residence at the Mark Taper Forum Annex. The PROJECT 601 mission is to “advance modern voices in contemporary American theatre, as well as rediscover established works through play readings and staged play presentations.”

April 2005
This month started off with some much deserved R&R in beautiful Costa Rica…and ended with Dana getting her new Prius. And on her birthday, no less!”

March 2005
This month was a busy one for Dana. She shot a national commericial for SBC, her St. Patrick’s Day spot for Guinness Beer was also airing for the 2nd year in a row, she signed with Daniel Hoff Agency for voice-overs, and booked an animated promo playing Paris Hilton! There was also an article in the New York Times on March 10th about AudioSteps the audio walking tour company Dana narrates for.