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Lovely to reconnect with old friends…

October 28, 2010

I’m working once again with the fabulous Carol Rathe of GO Voices in Denver, CO! 303-623-2723



My latest vo gig…A Message of Peace

September 26, 2010

I’m the narrator for this video featuring Prem Rawat’s A Message of Peace, which was just included in the United Nations’ International Day of Peace Global Broadcast. The Prem Rawat Foundation participated alongside organizations such as UNICEF, Action Against Hunger, World Economic Forum, CARE, UN World Food Programme, The Peace Alliance, Amnesty International, and many others who produced special videos in support of the UN’s International Day of Peace on September 21, 2010.

Click here to check it out!



a wee update to my previous post…

July 17, 2010

Get 1/2 price tickets for closing night of my play — Getting Out — this Sunday at 7pm!

Just go to:

Navigate through to the plays411 site…

Promo code is 008

See you there!

Um…ok…so I’ve slacked off on the News Updates…

February 19, 2010

Where did the time go?  Yeah, I feel like a broken record when I ask that question BUT, I continue to ask it anyway.  My last posting was in MAY 2009 for goodness sakes!  What was I doing then?

(pardon me while I go back and read my last post.  ok.  I’m back.)

Wow…um…ok.  Well, at the end of June, I finished my successful run in Circus Theatricals Festival of One Act Plays. My hilarious one-act LUNCH-O-LUTION (with the wonderful Vanessa Waters) was a hit with audiences.

Summer was spent re-energizing with a road trip up the coast to Cambria.

The Fall brought me to Paris & the South of France for two glorious weeks.

In November, I shot a commercial for Charter Communications called “WAREHOUSE” (currently running in in the northeast, southeast, & central states)   Click on the title to check it out!

On December 1st, I became a first-time aunt to Maya Paige Baron!

Other fun times in December…

  • did a voice-match job for Amy Poehler on a VITAMIN WATER campaign pitch.
  • started rehearsals for Marsha Norman’s beautiful play GETTING OUT – the next production for Circus Theatricals at THE HAYWORTH THEATRE (where The Women had it’s successful 3 month run!).  Yours truly is playing her first leading role!  I’m being directed by the fabulous Robert Cicchini, and surrounded by a wonderful cast (including Courtney Munch, who’s playing my younger, violent self).

Playing/preparing for this role has led me to something I’ve always wanted to do hardcore – Boxing!  For two months, I’m training 2 hours, 3 days a week at Fortune’s Gym on Sunset Blvd. with Jesse Reid (trainer of 30 champions!).  Running and/or hiking on my off days.  I’m thrilled with the mental, emotional & physical transformation it’s created!  I’ve got just a couple more weeks to go before I let the preparation “cook” for the part.  (hmm…maybe if a movie studio was paying for it I’d keep going?  It’s brutal yet adrenaline-inducing punishment on the body.)

So that’s “it” for the time being.  I’ll try to keep more on top of these updates.  I just don’t know where the time goes sometimes.


It’s May! What’s going on in Dana’s world now?

May 21, 2009

For starters, DREAM DATE, the film I shot in NYC last spring, is currently in the SHORT FILM CORNER at the 2009 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.  Award winning, Sundance filmmaker RENE ALBERTA is over there with Producer/Editor DANIEL SHAW schmoozing it up!  A few weeks ago, the film had it’s premiere screening right here in Los Angeles (at the W Hotel Westwood) as part of FILM INDEPENDENT’S CINEMA LOUNGE.

DD_Cinema_Lounge_wTextColor copy OneActPost_front

CIRCUS THEATRICALS in association with THE ODYSSEY THEATRE presents the Circus Theatricals Studio Ensemble in The Circus Theatricals 14th Annual Festival of New One Act Plays.

Running May 22-June 28.

I am part of Evening A:  Fridays at 8pm  May 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26

For Tickets ($15):  323.960.7846 or


And in other news, I am quite happy to have my hubby, ADAM FINER, back in Los Angeles after he spent a month in Davenport, Iowa, line producing MEGAFAULT for The Asylum & SciFi Channel. (that’s BRUCE DAVISON with Adam in the photo above!)

Post Sundance Mayhem…hardee har har

January 28, 2009

I seem to ask this an awful lot…where did the time go again?  I see I last posted news in October.  I was in the middle of my run in THE WOMEN.  (Have I mentioned that we ran for 3 months & were a Los Angeles Times Critics Choice?)  So, what happened between then and now?

Well, basically, I think I was pretty consumed with the show.  I had a feature film & a video game come out (that’s David Zucker’s An American Carol & Midway Games’ Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, respectively).

Due to exposure from the play, I went straight to producers for a very fun role on Monk.  Didn’t get it.  But it was a great time, nonetheless!!

When the show closed on December 20th, I was already beginning the challenging yet exciting process of regrouping & refocusing my efforts.  Namely, I sat down with the stellar Kristine Oller to get back to the basics – strategizing on the best ways to FEED MY FOCUS…which happens to be FILM (for those of you who didn’t know).

So, now, for 2009 I am fully equipped with a clear action item list.  And ya know…my to-do’s aren’t as scary or overwhelming as they initially seemed.  I carry around my 100 list with me.  And lo and behold, I find myself appearing in places where my “club” is hanging out, too!  It’s magical!  This makes me pretty happy, and excited, and hopeful that everything is going to be alright (ha ha for those of you who get this wink).

Fast forward to today…last week, Adam and I returned from a brilliant 5 days at Sundance!  We hadn’t been back since 2005.  And it was good to be there in this particular year, I think.  First of all, the crowds weren’t nearly as claustrophobic as they had been in previous years.  I attribute that to two things:  1) the economy and 2) the inauguration in D.C.  We knew a good amount of people who left Sundance by Monday (or didn’t come at all) because they had tickets to some event back East.  Lucky them!

But I have to say, it was truly AWESOME to be in Park City for the inauguration.  Sure, we knew of some indoor viewing parties going on.  But we chose to hang out outside in the plaza at the bottom of Main Street, where the festival had set up tv screens.  There were about 200-300 people gathered there in the chilly but invigorating morning air.  And everyone was taking either photos or videos – of the whole event, of the people, the tv screens….everyone was shooting everything.  It was very cool!  (eventually, when I have some spare time, I’ll be posting some pictures and/or videos  here and/or on my Facebook page.)

I’m pressed for time here.  There’s not much more I need to say for now.  I will say we met some fantastic people at Sundance – producers, directors, writers, actors, music supervisors, editors, festival programmers – and I am looking forward to going through the stack of business cards sooner rather than later to touch base with everyone.

I will also say that 2009 has been interesting thus far.  I’m just going to keep focusing on my…er…focus.  I’m looking forward to returning to my Saturday morning Studio at Circus Theatricals’ (I just heard that Fred Molina is back with us for about a month! Gotta get out my Shakespeare!).

And I’m looking forward to whatever my next great adventure will be.  Will it be a film?  A play?  A TV show?  An animated series? An animated film?  A print campaign?  A class A national?

I like to believe…it’s going to be ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

I wish all of you a joyful, peaceful & prosperous 2009!

Updates for THE WOMEN…

October 15, 2008

Check out the latest RAVE review of THE WOMEN in Downtown LA Scene!!

We’re extended through Nov. 22nd.

And then Circus Theatricals has to pack for its move to THE ODYSSEY THEATRE!!

Come see the LA TIMES CRITICS CHOICE.  And thank you for supporting Los Angeles Theatre!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is coming!

October 14, 2008

There’s some funny commentary about the character I play – MK’s Sonya Blade.

THE WOMEN opens this Saturday! The 27th! At 8pm!!

September 26, 2008

And we’re SOLD OUT!

(We do have one more preview this evening, too.)

I’ve been advised that you can arrive at the theatre early, and get on the waiting list.  (You know how it is in LA…sometimes there are a couple people who are not going to show up for this reason or that.)

If you don’t want to drive to the theatre, you can also go to the website, and try calling or emailing the theatre to see about getting on the waitlist.  This, of course, is only relevant on any nights when we’re sold out.

Remember – our house is only 42 seats!!


Go to:

for schedule, tickets, and other relevant information.

Can’t wait to see you THERE!!!