Lest I repeat myself…


i can’t seem to keep up with all of these social media outlets, blogs, doo-dads and so on and so forth and all that jazz.

i mean really…i confess…  i get more and more tired of facebook, twitter, and yet.  Oh yes, and yet… I can’t… seem… to… pull…myself… away sometimes.  it drives me bonkers.  and there’s only so much self-flagellation i can take, ya know?  anyhoo…sometimes i just don’t feel like i have anything in particular to say.  save the “humble brag” about a gig here, an audition there.  and so what?  indeed.

it’s one month into 2014.  and what of it?  dunno yet.  i suspect i’m not alone when i say (or fret?):  what on earth is in store… next?  haven’t a clue. i have zero idea.  and i’m trying to get cozy in this deceptive void where i know — deep down — is exactly the place everything is possible.

(*tipping my proverbial hat to robert & michelle colt right now)

and lest i repeat myself, it is only 1 month into the new year.  considering that fact, there’ve already been some lovely experiences, some measurable growth, exciting opportunities, close-but-no-cigar moments, and even a couple “victories” thrown in for good measure.

sure i caught that nasty bug going around.  but these things are temporary!  only minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things.

lest i repeat myself and lest i forget… what i’ve got here…  it’s more than enough.

i mean, who could ask for anything more than…   to be alive.

(*tipping the hat again to my trusted friend darrell calkins. ooooooh, how i’m looking forward to meeting him & our friends in the wilderness again soon!)


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