Happy End to 2011! (Part 2)


Welcome back!  I will now take just a moment to acknowledge some of the professional accomplishments, strides, etc. of 2011.

  • In January, I got to voice match Robin Wright for MONEYBALL (now in theatres!).
  • In March, I became the voice of an internet campaign for RAGU PASTA SAUCE.  Here are a few clips:

Mom’s the Word on Dinner Trailer

Mom’s the Word on Dinner Trailer #2

Dinner Time: TV On or Off?

  • In April, the latest MORTAL KOMBAT video game was released, in which I returned to voice Sonya Blade.  One of the top grossers of the year!
  • In May, I shot a national commercial for HARTFORD INSURANCE.  Watch it here:

The Hartford Insurance – “You Deserve Better”

  • Also in May, I became a cast member in ROGUE MACHINE‘S hit play, BLACKBIRD, starring Sam Anderson, Corryn Cummins, and directed by Robin Larsen.  We ran for 3 months!  And on December 13th, LA TIMES theatre critic, Charles McNulty included Blackbird in his “2011 Year in Review: Best in Theatre”!  Check out this frickin’ amazing list we’re a part of!

    Nosey Office Workers

    My Counterpart in the hallway

    Hard-ass Office Worker

  • In July, I voiced a trailer for a documentary, RENO AND THE ROMANCE OF DIVORCE:
  • Over the spring & summer, I voiced a couple commercials for BMO SOCCER in Canada:

BMO Team of the Week #1

BMO Team of the Week #2

  • In August, I signed with new managers at TORQUE ENTERTAINMENT.
  • In October, I started phase 2 of my book, THE PRINCESS OF FAKENHAM (after a 6 month “hiatus”).
  • And to close the year out, I played lead roles in two short films – FRONT YARD (dir:  Harold Hyde) and A GOOD COMPANION (dir:  Hui Eun Park).



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