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Post Comi-Con Hangover?

July 27, 2010

Hi Folks!

I don’t really have any news to share or anything exceptionally profound to say.

I — like so many of you — have returned home after plunging into the madness that is Comi-Con.  All in all it was a successful week. And now I am “merely” in the midst of the follow-up emails, phone calls, meetings, etc…

In the past, it’s been my habit to stay away from the convention center after Thursday.  Between the geeks farting in the back row of panels, and the feeling that I’m a sardine in an overpacked sardine can…I usually just can’t deal with it after the 1st 24-36 hours.

But check this out…I went through Saturday.  There were highly entertaining panels to attend (ie:  Batman The Brave & the Bold! Children’s Hospital!) & people to meet (fellow Vox client John DiMaggio! Nick Frost! Julie Benz! Orlando Jones! Thomas Jane – who Adam is working with on a Western feature!), reconnect with (Kevin Michael Richardson!), throw myself at the feet of (Guillermo del Toro! Edgar Wright! Andrea Romano!), etc, etc, etc…

You get the picture, right?

I hope San Diego (my hometown!) gets its act together and expands the convention center so the Con can stay down there.  I don’t really want that clusterfuck up here in LA.  And who wants to go down to Anaheim?  (no offense Anaheim.  I love me some Disneyland).

Adam and I think they should expand the east side of the convention center and connect the Hilton via a covered bridge.  They should also make underground tunnels so the pedestrians have a choice of remaining above ground to cross the train tracks, or high-tailing it under ground to get to the Hard Rock Hotel in time for Happy Hour (is there a happy hour in that hotel?  I never checked)

Oh gee.  I’ve said far more than I planned to, and now – sadly – I must leave you.  I’m off  to go chop my hair after spending 7 months leaving it utterly alone for my play!

‘Til the next time my friends.  nanu nanu.


a wee update to my previous post…

July 17, 2010

Get 1/2 price tickets for closing night of my play — Getting Out — this Sunday at 7pm!

Just go to:

Navigate through to the plays411 site…

Promo code is 008

See you there!

Check out the links!

July 12, 2010

Just wanted to thank my friends & colleagues in both the voice over & on-camera worlds for sharing their fabulous links!

Check ’em out when you have a chance.

There’s some groovy stuff here!
On another note…

Closing night for GETTING OUT is this SUNDAY, the 18th at 7pm.  Would love to have you join me & the rest of the cast to help bring a close to what has been a phenomenal period of my professional life.

For tickets go to:

Industry Comps may be requested by calling: 323.309.5747

And on a final note…

Who am I gonna see at ComiCon??

Closing Night!

Getting Out Extended into July!

July 1, 2010

Yes, that’s right folks.  The play I’ve been immersed in since December has added two more performances in July, so if you couldn’t make it in June, you’re in luck!

We’re still running in rep with the mainstage show — the Ovation recommended More Lies About Jerzy — which has also been extended through the end of July.

Here’s the scoop (and mark your calendars):


Sunday, July 11 at 7PM

Sunday, July 18 at 7PM

Still at the beautiful, historic Hayworth Theatre near downtown.  Right next to La Fonda, where you can either chow down before the show OR get drunk after.  YOU decide!

For tickets, go to:

Or call: 323.960.7788  

(industry comps available)

Check LA Stage Alliance, too (

…that’s where you may find 1/2 price tix.


Went in for the 2nd time this year to Producers over at HOUSE, M.D.  A juicy Guest Star role (think Sophie’s Choice).  Probably the best audition of my life (certainly makes up for not booking it).  How exhilerated was I to know I ROCKED it for the great Director Dan Attias, Producer Katie Jacobs, Writer Eli Attie, and, of course, the lovely casting ladies – Amy Lippens, Stephanie Laffin & Janelle Scuderi.  That was fun!

What else?

Right after Getting Out closes, we’re goin’ down to San Diego.  It’ll be a mix of long-overdue R&R and some hearty networking.   Staying out in the “countryside” with the cousins for a few days…then downtown at my Grandpa’s condo in the sky during the madness that is ComiCon.

At least with my newly acquired boxing skills, I can defend myself properly in Hall H.  In fact, if I see that Wonder Woman bee-atch, I think I’ll definitely punch her in the face.

Awwwwww….I’m just kiddin!