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THE WOMEN opens this Saturday! The 27th! At 8pm!!


And we’re SOLD OUT!

(We do have one more preview this evening, too.)

I’ve been advised that you can arrive at the theatre early, and get on the waiting list.  (You know how it is in LA…sometimes there are a couple people who are not going to show up for this reason or that.)

If you don’t want to drive to the theatre, you can also go to the website, and try calling or emailing the theatre to see about getting on the waitlist.  This, of course, is only relevant on any nights when we’re sold out.

Remember – our house is only 42 seats!!


Go to:  http://www.circustheatricals.com/thewomen.html

for schedule, tickets, and other relevant information.

Can’t wait to see you THERE!!!